Brand Paintings To Make Your Design Truly Original

Goodbye, dime a dozen.

The first question I get is “what’s a brand?” Contrary to popular belief, it goes far beyond logo and colors. It’s really a visual, emotional, and lived experience of your business, as it’s described by other people. And for that experience to do the work, it needs to be consistent.

A simple way to be consistent with your brand.

Stock photography is generic. Making a video in front of your bookshelf with a plant on it looks a little too homemade. Even event swag can seem impersonal. But there’s a simple way to brand every last piece of marketing you put out into the world — both digitally and in print – so that all your pieces work together. And the overall impression is one of care, warmth, character, and attention to detail.

The 100% original brand painting.

Part marketing secret weapon, part artistry. I’ll use the most distinctive elements of your existing brand to create an original artwork that you can reproduce – digitally and in print – on all your marketing and promotion pieces.

What you get.

You’ll get an 100% original custom brand painting (acrylic paint, canvases start at 11 x 14”) that you can use as a backdrop for your videos, and onstage or on a table at live events, workshops and presentations. You will also get a high-resolution photograph of the painting so you can use it online – on your website, page banners and social media – and as artwork for more personalized printed materials like thank you cards, bags, journal covers, binder covers, and business cards. If you’d like one, you can purchase it below. If you’d like another size or want to talk to me, you can email me here.

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