When you’re putting on an event, every design detail builds towards the offer and what you’d like the offer to feel like. From the event’s logo and brand identity, to the website for the event, to the handouts, PowerPoints and finally, the offer packet itself… everything should create the same feeling, generate excitement and create a feeling of specialness surrounding that offer. For Andrea J. Lee’s Midas Camp Live!, we did just that with every visual detail. From the moment attendees first signed up for the event, to the posters and name tags at registration, to everything that the attendees received… it all matched, and created a feeling of fun and community.

Shown: The Playbook (like a workbook for the event, but more fun), website home page, the about and community pages, the cover of the offer booklet, interior view, Golden Goose slide, and the event identity.

BrandStyle Design’s Erin Ferree is one of my favourite business investments, and one I joyfully make every month on an ongoing basis.

What I get is the whole enchilada including multiple designs each month with a focus on the end goal, to reach, convert and retain our perfect client. In addition to an upleveling of income through her work, she also makes it possible for us to lead with design when planning new income streams, a central value of ours.  All of this is done with ‘expectations plus’ service. Thank you, Erin, so much, for the gifts of beauty, peace of mind, relief, wonder and expanded capacity for success!”

Andrea J. Lee