A Different Design Approach

I’m Erin Ferree, a brand designer specializing in brand evolution – taking your brand to the next level while not leaving all of the equity and recognition that you’ve already built behind.

What makes me different from other designers out there?

  • I design complete brands. Not one-off pieces, but whole brands and brand families where all of the components compliment and strengthen each other to make you look really well put-together. When I’m designing a piece for you, I’m thinking about how my design choices relate to everything else in your brand and everything that’s yet to come.

  • I tune my design style to reflect your company’s personality. From sophisticated to serious, fun to fabulous, inspiring to innovative. My style is not cookie-cutter, one-style-fits-all. I spend quality time creating a unique and custom design for you that looks like your work feels.
  • I understand the behind-the-scenes marketing and business strategy that goes into developing a strong brand, and I know what works. Over the past 11 years, I’ve designed brands and marketing material kits to support success in just about every type of business and marketing strategy out there.
  • If you’re about to do something big, there’s a good chance that I’ve done something like it before. Teleseminars and telesummits? Of course. Product, program and mastermind launches? No problem. Brand repositioning? Extending your brand family? Piece of cake. In fact, I’ve not only designed for these things, but often I’ve run them myself in my own business so I really know the ins, outs, and behind-the-scenes of each strategy.
  • I partner with my clients long-term to grow their brand families and to manage their brands over time. Because your business is always growing and changing, and you should have someone on your team to help you plan your brand and design yours to keep it consistent, fresh and successful.


If this sort of approach sounds good to you, and you're looking for a partner to build your brand, contact me.

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