Connect deeply, without saying a word.

Sophisticated design is more than pretty pictures – it’s dozens of strategic choices, from tiny to huge.

I’m Erin Ferree Stratton, and I craft complete visual experiences that feel like being in the room with you, face to face.  It’s a whole new way of connecting and being present with many people at once.


Whether you’re envisioning a new brand or launching a book or high-end program… gone are the days where you need to come up with “colors you want” or stock photos. You hold the vision for your business… and I’ll take care of the design that gets you there.


Elegant design for grownup businesses (with a dash of fun sprinkled on top).


I love to work with successful entrepreneurs who know who they are and what they’re creating. You’re leveling up, and I’m the designer and branding expert who works with you to translate that vision into a beautiful visual experience your audience can feel.

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